House Slab Insulation

Energy rating requirements on new homes have been increasing over the years. Slab insulation is an additional way to insulate your home from below. PIR Board, used as slab insulation, helps create thermal bridging between the earth under the slab, and the slab itself. This minimises the rising cold from below and it also helps aid conditioning the internal air within the house. Consistent temperatures throughout your home can be achieved for longer periods of time. This reduces the time heating units have to run to heat the home.

A range of different thickness’s and thermal ratings are available to help achieve the required ratings sought by the energy rating. Thickness’s vary from 25mm to 100mm. Thermal ratings increase as the thickness increases. Thermal ratings begin at R0.81 for 25mm and go as high as R5.0 for 100mm thickness. Slab insulation is laid directly over the pads before the concrete is poured. Various sheet sizes are also available. 2400mm x 600mm as well as 2400mm x 1200mm are available for various applications.

Lead times are generally 3 – 5 days depending on the product sought and the stock availability at the time of order, but can be as much as 7 – 10 days. At Insulation Essentials we pride ourselves on our speed of service and can deliver all over Melbourne and local country Victoria on short notice. Delivery rates are calculated on checkout once the cart checkout is completed. Pick up is also available from our Craigieburn warehouse and Orders can also be placed by phone.

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