Glasswool Insulation And The Environment

Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for 40% of your total household energy usage? Over the last ten years, many people have become more aware of this figure alone, and have hence been influenced to become more energy-aware for the sake of cutting their energy bills. However, finding ways to cut energy usage isn’t just easier on the hip pocket – it’s one of the few ways we can help reduce carbon emissions from day to day. In this blog, we’re taking a look at how glasswool insulation fits into all of this, as well as explaining how insulation batts are rated, and where you can buy high-quality insulation for your project.


How insulation affects your carbon footprint

Australian households alone are responsible for one-fifth of total greenhouse gases emitted by Australia. As an average, this equates to over 18 tonnes of greenhouses gases per household every year! This number may sound too large to even begin tackling, but it all starts with the way your home is constructed.

In this sense, insulation is a highly effective way to reduce your household’s carbon footprint. This is because insulation technology traps heat, making the indoor temperature more comfortable all year round. In turn, this means you’ll be less reliant on your heating and cooling systems, reducing your usage, requiring less energy overall, and therefore also lowering the amount of carbon dioxide that contributes to your carbon footprint.


What makes glasswool environmentally friendly?

For starters, glasswool is predominantly made from recycled glass fibres (including flat glass and glass bottles). The remaining glass is usually sourced from sand – a highly abundant resource. These two facts alone mean that glasswool is one of the world’s most sustainable building materials. On top of this, many glasswool manufacturers have taken the initiative to make the production process as green as possible, implementing water recycling and clever transportation solutions to help increase overall sustainability.

If left intact, glasswool insulation can also be fully recycled. Glasswool is also extremely versatile, making it perfect for use in residential and commercial projects alike.


How are insulation batts rated?

So: you’re convinced that you need to invest in great insulation, but you aren’t sure how they’re rated and what is compliant with the requirements of your area. Luckily, we’re here to answer all that for you!

You may have already noticed insulation is generally categorised and measured through varying ‘R-values’. This is how insulation batts are rated. A good rule of thumb to remember is that a higher R-value is generally representative of stronger insulative capacities, compared to insulation with a lower R-value.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to buy the highest R-value insulation whenever you can. In fact, it’s more efficient to get an energy assessment for your home or corporate building. An energy assessment will take your specific area and building into account, providing a highly personalised R-value that is tailored to the needs of your project. From here, you can buy glasswool insulation from us, to the exact specifications of your required R-value (as recommended after your energy assessment).


Buy glasswool insulation online with fast delivery

Whether you are an owner-builder or an experienced construction professional, insulation will be a major part of your project. It’s important to source products of high quality that comply with the construction requirements of your area, too. And with glasswool, you’ll be able to achieve great results while helping reduce your own carbon footprint.

At Insulation Essentials, we stock a variety of insulation products and accessories designed to support residential and commercial projects. We sell our own range of high-quality glasswool batts, as well as competitively-priced products from industry-leading insulation brands.

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