Insulation is an essential component of modern home design, insulation helps to make buildings healthier, more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Cost savings 

  • 40% of the average Australian household’s utility bill is spent on heating and cooling  (Your Energy Savings Government website, 2017)
  • Insulation can reduce the overall cost of heating and cooling a home by around 30% (ICANZ, 2017)
  • Insulation pays for itself in energy savings in three to five years (ICANZ, 2017)

Temperature control

  • A typical two storey house loses 25-35% of its heat through the roof/attic, 15-25% through the walls, 10-20% through the floors and 20% through the windows and doors. (Your Energy Savings Government website, 2017)
  • Wall insulation can save up to 25% of your heating and cooling energy, floor insulation can save up to 20% and roof insulation can save up to 45%. (Your Energy Savings Government website, 2017)

Creates a healthier environment

Insulating a building protects the home environment from outside pollutants including:

  • Noise pollution transferred through the air
  • Drafts
  • Outside odours
  • Makes it harder for pests and rodents to get inside

Increased market value

  • Insulation improves property values (ICANZ, 2017)
  • Attic insulation provides an average 117% valuation bump over cost (Get Ecologic, 2017)
  • 89% of housing consumers say that an energy efficient home would be more attractive to buy or rent (The Guardian, 2016)

Energy savings

Insulation alone has the potential to cut Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by up to 5% (ICANZ, 2017)

The right insulation matters, so download ICANZ’s free Handbook which shows various applications for residential insulation products.

This book will help you identify the best products available for most applications and also shows test comparisons between products showing which products produce the best results. ICANZ – Insulation Council of Australia & New Zealand are an independent organisation that have completed various tests on a range of products to help you make the right choice when it comes to your insulation needs.

To view or download their free insulation handbook just click here.

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