4 Signs To Check Your Ceiling Insulation

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Whether your home’s heating and cooling seem ineffective, or your property has recently been damaged, it’s important to review your home’s insulation and know when to replace your ceiling insulation batts. When properly installed, ceiling insulation goes a long way in improving the comfort and energy performance of your property, while poor insulation can cause allergy issues or condensation problems that damage the structure and increase energy bills.

As experts in one of Australia’s favourite insulation materials, Bradford Gold Batts, we’ve outlined 4 indicators that it’s time to check your ceiling insulation and possibly replace it entirely.

1.     The roof of your home has been damaged

If your ceiling has encountered damage from fires, fallen trees or leaking roofs, it is time to check your ceiling insulation batts. A severe weather event or punctured batt significantly lessens the effectiveness of the insulation, while leaving lingering effects like a damp smell.

Damp insulation batts can also lead to mould and mildew forming, while fire damaged homes often have a lingering smoky smell that irritates the lungs. If the old and damaged insulation remains in place, it can present a health issue for the family or result in further damage to the home’s structure. If your home has a damaged roof that needs replacing, it’s best to contact a qualified installation installer and supplier to assess the damage to the insulation and ensure the ceiling contains the best insulation for your home.  

2.     There are signs of contamination such as mould or pests

Persistent mould or a recent rodent infestation could mean that it’s best to replace the insulation within your ceiling joists. Mould grows on porous surfaces, which can allow it to infiltrate the batts within the ceiling – particularly if there are issues of condensation or leaks in the roof that create the perfect environment for mould spores.

If left unresolved, mould and pests can cause severe allergy and respiratory issues. If you notice recurring mould on your home’s ceilings, it is very important to hire professionals to assess the state of your current insulation and determine whether it needs to be replaced.

3.     Your home is often drafty or your energy bills are suspiciously high

If your property has difficulty maintaining a temperature or you notice a strange draft throughout the home, there could be an issue with your insulation. Drafts and temperature inconsistencies can be a sign of ill-fitting insulation which can occur from the property shifting over time or poor installation practices.

These gaps in insulation, often surrounding air conditioning ducts or electrical wiring in ceilings, cause thermal bridges that allow air and heat to pass freely through the ceiling of the home. Insulation experts will be able to assess and fix these gaps in the original insulation install and recommend better fitting insulation like Bradford Gold Insulation Batts, which are specifically designed for Australian weather conditions and to fit the majority of Australian ceiling joists spacings for easy installation.

4.     You don’t know your home’s history or current insulation material

Knowing the history of your home’s build can also help to determine if it’s time to check or replace your ceiling’s insulation. Old homes can often not be insulated at all, as strict insulation requirements were not in place in Australia until 1996. This means that while modern installation will typically include a warranty between 50-70 years when installed by a professional, older insulation isn’t as efficient and could be flammable or unsafe.

Remember, when purchasing an older Melbourne home, it’s best to assess if the roof already has insulation installed and pay attention to any signs of drafts or fluctuating temperatures. This could be as simple as installing ceiling insulation yourself by fitting new ceiling insulation batts between the ceiling joists for greater thermal performance. 

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