The Hidden Benefits Of Insulation

We all know that insulating your home will bring in lifelong benefits that will increase the overall comfort of your home. But there are a few hidden advantages to installing home insulation in Melbourne that aren’t as widely known – so let’s take a look at them.

It provides healthier living conditions

An often-overlooked aspect of modern insulation is that it provides a comfortable living experience not only in terms of temperature regulation but also a healthier atmosphere. Respiratory issues are a big part of this and something that is less common in well-insulated homes.

In fact, a study conducted in New Zealand involving 1400 different homes and almost 5000 people found that adults and children living in insulated homes visited the GP and hospital for respiratory issues a lot less frequently. They also found that they were reporting fewer sick days from work and school.

These staggering results are no surprise when you consider that a lot of modern-day insulation is designed using premium materials. The better insulated your home is the more comfortable you’re going to be. You won’t have any unwanted drafts freezing you at night (or any other time of the day for that matter) and you’ll also be mitigating any vermin issues – which brings us to our next point.

Insulation is fantastic at repelling vermin

Certain insulation – such as glasswool – don’t attract vermin. This means you’re going to have fewer problems with them between your walls, ceiling and below your floor. As we mentioned, this does lead to fewer health issues, but it will also mitigate the damage that could be done to your home as it’s not uncommon for vermin to chew through materials and electrical wiring – as well as nest between your walls. 

These can lead to all sorts of trouble down the track and can become a very expensive issue to manage and remedy. Good insulation will work towards avoiding these potential issues.

Handy during extreme weather conditions

A by-product of great home insulation in Melbourne is that it decreases peak power loading during extreme weather. This basically reduces energy costs since you won’t have to utilise your cooling/heating appliances as much – the insulation will handle a bulk of it without you even realising – making it the gift that keeps on giving.

Soundproofing properties

Whilst we know of the fantastic benefits that acoustic insulation brings to the table – it’s easy to sometimes forget that most insulation products offer soundproofing properties. Though not to the extent of dedicated acoustic insulation, there is still some form of noise reduction that you can enjoy from the outside world. 

The denser the batts, the more sound they will reduce – which is why we recommend high-density batts for areas like laundries, baths, WC’s, theatre rooms etc. It is worth noting that reflective foil insulation, however, has virtually no soundproofing qualities and is primarily effective at reflecting heat.

The most cost-effective way to regulate heat

Insulation remains the single most cost-effective way to regulate your home’s temperature. It requires little to no maintenance provided it isn’t affected by extreme weather events and will last a lifetime. A one-off cost will secure you and your family’s comfort through the coldest winters and hottest summers.

Are you looking to purchase insulation for your home in Melbourne?

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