How to Prepare for Your Insulation Contractor During a Retrofit

Insulation worker

When arranging for an insulation contractor in Melbourne, there are simple steps to better prepare your home for the installation of wall, floor or ceiling insulation, particularly if it’s an old home in need of insulation.

Often older homes will have poorly installed insulation or can be missing insulation in some wall cavities entirely. This can lead to poor thermal properties and difficulty managing the home’s heating and cooling, costing you money, and increasing your home’s carbon emissions unnecessarily. Retrofitting insulation is also complex, as it often involves removing the current wallboard, or drilling holes into the existing wall which will then need replastering and repainting. To avoid costly mistakes or injury, always choose trusted professionals for the challenge of retrofitting ceiling, floor, or wall insulation. To save time during this labour-intensive retrofitting, here are some simple steps you can take before the insulation contractor’s arrival to lessen the disruption to your home.

Assess and note any concerns with the external walls and thermal issues

While expert insulation contractors in Melbourne will begin by assessing the conditions of the whole property, not just the area of concern, it can be helpful to have all your concerns and issues noted. This will allow efficiency and increased peace of mind.

A prepared list of wall and floor concerns can allow the contractor to immediately inspect these potential issues, such as gaps around joinery and junctions, mould or moss growth or rising dampness in floorboards or walls. It may be as subtle as fluctuating indoor temperature or as obvious as a previous pest infestation. Determining the cause of existing damp problems or cracking and defective walls will also determine if there are plumbing issues that need to be resolved before retrofitting can commence. Before the contractor arrives, identify any areas of concern or existing wall penetrations that you believe need to be addressed.

The contractors will then be able to determine the best R-value and type of insulation for your property, how much of the current insulation is salvageable and the amount of insulation is required.

Clear the area of tripping hazards and furniture

The installation of new wall insulation to existing walls can often be messy, particularly via the internal plasterboard walls. Whether it involves the larger effort of removing older weatherboards and the inefficient internal lining and replacing them or using pump-in cavity wall insulation for homes with a brick-veneer or cavity brick, there is bound to be debris and dust from the act of drilling holes or removing individual bricks.

Although it is possible to install new insulation over the old insulation, it may also be deemed necessary to remove the existing insulation. This could be due to damage, mould or infestation. This means removing porous surfaces like wooden tables and sofas will be very beneficial to avoid the spread of mould during insulation removal.

For this reason, it’s always best to prepare the space for the arrival of an insulation contractor by removing all current furniture. This will allow the surfaces of your furniture to be free from dust, paint and damage while also making access easier for insulation contractors to transport large batts throughout the home.

Additional tips for an efficient retrofit

A little preparation can go a long way for an efficient retrofit with minimal clean up and disruption. Laying down a heavy-duty drop sheet can protect floorboards or carpet, reducing damage and the need for any clean up. To further increase the timeline of the insulation retrofit, consider having your paint matched before the installation. This will allow any holes or plaster to be ready to be repainted after the retrofit for a flawless finish.

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