Insulation Batts vs. Rolls: What’s Better?

As an owner-builder or contractor, you’ll know that insulation batts and rolls are often used as interchangeable terms. But did you know that they are actually very different products? In fact, knowing whether to choose insulation rolls or batts can be the difference between a well-insulated home on a budget, and overspending for poorer insulation coverage.

In the experience of our customers, one type of insulation in particular consistently outperforms the other, producing fantastic results at a fraction of the cost. In today’s post, we are exploring the major differences between insulation batts and rolls, as well as answering your question, “Which one is right for my project?”


Blanket insulation

The first thing that we like to help our customers understand is that both insulation rolls and batts are collectively known as ‘blanket insulation’. This is due to their fluffy, blanket-like appearance, and also because of the fact that they cover areas in a blanket-like manner. The fact that both batts and rolls are known under this term is what causes many people to refer to both types interchangeably. While they are typically made from the same fibres, it is the shape that differentiates these two types of insulation.


Insulation rolls

The main difference between rolls and batts is the fact that insulation rolls are typically greater in length, meaning they are delivered as ‘rolls’ rather than flat pieces of insulation. This can present a few challenges when it comes to installation – particularly for residential projects.

Residential properties are often constructed with very specific studs and trusses that are difficult to navigate around with one long piece of rolled insulation. Often, the installer will need to spend time carefully cutting the insulation roll in order for it to fit perfectly into the desired space.

Not only is this a timely process that can be inefficient for the progress of the project, but it is also a risky one. Cutting the insulation is an operation that requires a high level of precision since it is quite easy to cut away too much. In the event that too much insulation is removed, this can render your insulation virtually useless. The small gaps left in between will allow heat to enter and escape the property with ease, which conclusively defeats the purpose of insulation altogether.


Insulation batts

Batts are pre-cut panelled sections of insulation that are typically made from glasswool or polyester. They are typically very affordable and simple to install, due to the fact that they are already cut by the manufacturer. This allows them to fit snugly together in between studs and trusses, limiting airflow and performing well to trap heat.

Unlike insulation rolls, batts typically do not need to be cut down unless there is an extremely tight spot that needs to be insulated. In this case, if any cutting is required, it will be minimal, as much of the hard work has already been done by the manufacturer. Once batts have been installed, they are extremely energy efficient, due to the close-fitting nature of the panels.


Which one is better?

While both are suitable for DIY installation, ultimately batts offer more benefits to most projects than rolls.

As a business that proudly supports the construction industry with quality insulation supplies, we recommend insulation batts as the superior form of insulation for your project. Not only are batts easier to install, but they are also cheaper to buy when you purchase through us.


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