Insulation Installation (5 Reasons to Hire a Professional)

Whilst installing insulation in your home can be a simple task when done correctly – it’s a lot more beneficial for you to let professionals handle it. Like with anything, industry-professionals are trade-experts and will not only provide a faster service but also a more complete one so you won’t have to worry about potential mistakes you may have made yourself. This article will cover five reasons why it’s more beneficial for professionals to handle insulation installation in Melbourne.

1.     It’s a guaranteed fit

If you’re in the process of constructing your new home, then you’re going to want everything to go as smoothly as possible – mitigating the chance of potential delays along the way, right? Well, just like builders are best positioned to handle the construction of your home, insulation installers are similarly positioned to install your insulation properly. Allowing a seasoned professional to handle this task will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that the job is being done properly and that your insulation batts are snuggly fitted between joists – ensuring they’ll function as they should when the home is complete.

2.     They can deal with potential obstacles

Sometimes, installing insulation is a straightforward task, but some occasions require a bit of improvisation – like, cutting batts to fit oddly shaped joists or dealing with steel studs. There is also the issue of electrical hazards. When it comes to ceiling insulation, for example, downlights must have a 200mm clearance on either side of the globe for safety reasons. Whereas, air conditioning ducts can simply be placed atop the insulation. These are some of the smaller elements that may be overlooked by the untrained. It’s much safer and efficient to have an insulation installation professional performing the task in case any unforeseen obstacles arise – because they’ll know how to deal with them appropriately.

3.     It will be a more efficient process

Hiring a professional to install insulation will greatly increase the chance of your project staying on schedule and finishing on time as they know exactly what needs to be done and can perform the installation process with incredible attention to detail. Not only will the end-result guarantee high-performing insulation for you to enjoy once the home is completed, but the process will also be carried out in an unobtrusive and streamlined manner allowing the rest of the construction to stay on schedule.

4.     They know the standards

Your home must follow certain standards and regulations for it to be deemed acceptable. Hiring an insulation installation expert will guarantee that all the appropriate standards are adhered to (such as AS 3999:2015 – Thermal insulation of dwellings – Bulk insulation – Installation requirements). The last thing you’ll want is to install the insulation yourself and then find after the construction has finished that it needs to be ripped out and redone. It will cost you a fortune and also waste more time. Hire a Melbourne-based insulation expert who can ensure everything is up to code.

5.     Two birds with one stone

If you choose to go with Insulation Essentials, our professionals will help you pick the right insulation for your home from our catalogue of varying types of insulation across a range of differing R-values. The best part? We’ll also deliver it and install it for you – guaranteeing you a quick and easy experience that will leave you with premium insulation to enjoy for years to come. This will also simplify the process greatly as you’ll only have to organise everything with a single contractor – saving you from looking around for a place to purchase insulation from and a separate service to install it.

Are you looking for insulation installation services in Melbourne?

Whether you’re building a home or thinking of retrofitting an older one, Insulation Essentials is your go-to service for purchasing and installing insulation. With years of experience under our belts, we can ensure your premium insulation products are appropriately installed efficiently and professionally. We stock a large range of products and accessories to ensure that your home can benefit from the best thermal efficiency possible.

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