5 Techniques To Keep Your Home Warm In Winter

Melbourne winters are infamously irregular – giving us some warm, sunny days followed by shivering cold ones. This winter has been especially cold and, with everyone isolating and many even working from home – it’s important to know how to maximise the warmth in your home. Whilst quality insulation for your home is the best place to start and will drastically improve your home’s thermal efficiency – the following five techniques are bonus methods that will further improve your comfort at home during winter.

1.     Schedule your heater

If you have air conditioning – then you should be taking full advantage of it. However, that doesn’t mean keeping it on at maximum 24/7 as that can prove to be very uneconomical. A smart approach would be to schedule the heating to come on at a certain time – perhaps in the morning before you usually wake up for a few hours. 

This will make it easier and more pleasant to get up in the morning – allowing you to rug up and pile on the blankets. Early afternoon is another good time to turn the heater back on. Depending on how well your home is insulated, it may have cooled down by then and will require some extra heat to carry you through the rest of the day.

2.     Rug up

Layered clothes and blankets are essential winter items and should always be taken advantage of. Look into some soft and comfortable clothing options – whether they be pyjamas or just casual jumpers. Weighted or heated blankets are both brilliant ideas that will provide comfort if you’re relaxing/working on the couch during the day or even in the evening. We also recommend wearing thick socks around your home – especially if you have a lot of floorboards or tiles and they can get quite cold. This might not keep your home warm specifically but it will keep you warm.

3.     Use thick curtains

If you don’t have double-glazed windows, then thick curtains are a sure way to combat heat loss. The heat in your home will naturally move towards your windows so keeping the curtains closed during the day in areas of your home that you’re not using (or areas the sun is not facing) is smart and can save you a fair amount of heat loss. Ensure the curtains are snuggly fitted with minimal gaps to ensure minimal heat loss and keep them closed if the heater is running to optimise overall efficiency.

4.     Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes, you don’t want to close your curtains and be left in the dark – especially during the day where artificial light can seem strange when there’s natural light right outside. Since windows can be quite cold, you should look to rearrange your furniture in winter. If your couch is near or in front of a window, then you’ve probably felt the cool chill against the back of your neck which can create discomfort. If this is the case, then consider shifting the couch away – you’ll notice the difference instantly.

5.     Plug draughts

Up to 25% off heat loss during winter is due to draughts. If you think your home has a draught, then you should locate it by running your hand along surfaces to feel for air escaping or look for natural light shining through in areas it shouldn’t. Strong winds can cause whistling or rattling to occur which can be an obvious giveaway as well. There are several solutions for plugging draughts that vary depending on where the draught is located.

For example, draughts near windows, floors, doors and walls can usually be sealed with foam, rubber or PVC materials – with specific solutions available for you to purchase. For small draught gaps, you can use a silicone-based sealant to easily remedy the situation. If you think you might have draughts in your home, then sealing them is essential and should be done immediately.

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