3 Things to Replace in Your Home to Promote Sustainability

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In 2022, it’s clear that we all want to be working towards a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. While sustainability is something that must be implemented into all aspects of life, it very often starts with the decisions we make for our homes. Maybe you are considering renovating your house, or perhaps you’re in the early stages of a home renovation, and you are looking for ways to come out the other side with a more sustainable and eco-friendly home. Perhaps you are extending your home or completing home improvement jobs that you’ve been putting off. Regardless of where you are in the renovation process, one very important consideration is sustainability. Keep reading to discover what you can do to promote sustainability, from replacing the insulation in your home, to choosing a different type of flooring. Plus, discover our top tip for finding experts in insulation installation in Melbourne.


Replacing the insulation in your house is one important thing to consider when undertaking a renovation. Insulation plays a major role in keeping the heat out of your home in the warmer months, and inside your home in Winter. Choosing high quality insulation is one of the best decisions you can make to ensure that your house is both comfortable and safe for you, but also sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

When renovating, you may discover that your insulation needs replacing  due to a number of factors, which can include water damage to your ceiling or roof, or a pest infestation in areas such as the ceiling. Another tell-tale sign that you might need to replace insulation is if you find yourself having difficulties keeping the temperature of your house stable, for instance, if the temperature in your house fluctuates frequently.

It’s also possible that you are adding an extension to your home during your renovation, in which case you will need to ensure full and proper insulation for that new space, too. Check out our guide to discover the many other benefits of insulation, and also all you need to know about buying insulation that will suit your application.

Bonus Tip: Take a look at this guide from Sustainability Victoria about choosing insulation, then, keep reading to discover where you can find experts in insulation installation in Melbourne and how they can help with all your insulation needs.


Replacing the windows in your house sounds like a big undertaking, and in reality, it is. But there are many benefits to replacing windows that can make it worth it for you, and for the energy efficiency and sustainability of your house.

Double glazing is one important consideration when replacing your windows. When windows are double glazed, they can both reduce heat loss through the window in Winter and can reduce heat gain through the window in Summer. So, what does this mean? Well, double glazing is energy efficient, because the glazing acts as an insulator, helping to keep the elements out. What’s more, triple glazing is even more energy efficient again, and according to Sustainability Victoria, can help to curb heating costs in Winter and cooling costs in Summer.

Replacing the windows in your home with double or triple glazed windows not only makes your house more energy efficient, but it can also improve the value of your property and can help with soundproofing too.


When renovating, deciding on the flooring of your new home or space is not merely a matter of design or aesthetics. In fact, choosing the right type of flooring can actually contribute to the sustainability of your home.

While carpet may seem like the obvious choice for creating and sustaining warmth during those cold Winter months, it is not always the best option for energy efficiency. Rather, floor coverings like natural stone and tile are innately more environmentally friendly, and they can actually help to reduce heating and cooling costs in your home. Hardwood timber floors are another great option to consider as this natural material is incredibly durable, hardwearing, and easy to clean, meaning a longer life cycle in your home.

So, whether you’re renovating or just re-decorating a room, consider replacing your flooring, and selecting an eco-friendly option.

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