All You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Acoustic Insulation

Insulation is essential to the modern household and, in turn, brings with it a myriad of benefits. But did you know there are types of insulation that do more than just insulate? Acoustic insulation for homes is a specially designed insulation type that carries with it both insulating and soundproofing properties – making it a highly useful and versatile product with even more advantages than standard insulation.


The foundations

Whilst acoustic home insulation batts tend to look fairly similar to standard thermal insulation batts – they’re actually quite different. The primary function of insulation is to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Acoustic insulation does exactly this – but with the extra bonus of adding some layers of soundproofing to your walls as well.

Standard insulation batts do provide some soundproofing qualities, but these are considered to be quite inferior in comparison to acoustic batts. The main difference between acoustic and thermal batts is the density. It all comes down to density when talking about soundproofing, the denser the batt the better it is at blocking sound – which is why acoustic batts are so dense.


Benefits of acoustic home insulation

Obviously, the main benefit of acoustic insulation is the fact that it reduces noise from travelling. Whether you’re watching a loud movie and don’t want to disturb your neighbours, or you’d prefer to hear as little from the outside environment as possible – acoustic insulation can help with that. This is especially helpful if you live in a lively area like close to a main road or in the city.

Seeing as sound travels through open spaces, the density of the batts will minimise the amount that travels between them. It’s important to note, however, that acoustic batts will not completely soundproof your home – but, will reduce the amount of sound that travels.

Something else to consider is that this will absolutely add value to your property if you ever consider selling in the future – or maybe you’re looking to outfit a rental property in which case this would be a very profitable investment.

Ultimately, acoustic insulation provides more privacy – which can be nice if you live in a large family home with several occupants. You also don’t have to install it all over your home – you can pick and choose where you want to put it.



Acoustic home insulation is primarily installed in walls to add soundproofing between rooms. It is fairly simple to install and is essentially the same process as your standard thermal insulation batt – make sure all the gaps are filled and that there are no leftover crevices. Whilst it can be retrofitted, it is much easier to install during the construction phase of a house.

Acoustic batts are not typically installed in ceilings as the only reason you’d really need it there is if you have a low-pitched metal ceiling which can make rain sound a lot louder than it needs to be. Because ceilings tend to hold the most amount of heat – as heat does rise – it’s recommended that thermal batts are installed there.

Unless you’re in a multi-storey home, then it is unnecessary to install acoustic batts in your floor. If you have an underground theatre or room, then you should definitely consider it, however. The same goes for multi-storey homes as the noise from the people above you can travel below – which can be quite annoying if you’re trying to concentrate on something.


Acoustic insulation materials

There are a few different acoustic products you can choose from when it comes to insulation. However, there are really only two main materials that they’re all made from which both have their own benefits – glasswool and polyester.



Much like thermal insulation, acoustic batts are rated using the R-value system. However, acoustic insulation tends to have lower R-values overall in comparison to dedicated thermal insulation. This is something to keep in mind when looking at acoustic insulation. Though they will be enough to reach the minimum requirement for your area, you may not be able to go as high as you would with other insulation products.


Do you need an insulation supplier?

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