4 Common Mistakes Made When Buying Insulation (And How To Avoid Them)

When it comes to purchasing batts from insulation suppliers in Melbourne, it can sometimes be a minefield of dos and don’ts. Purchasing insulation for your project is not a task that you should rush. It’ll pay off to take your time and do everything properly. To help you along this exciting journey, our experts have put together this guide highlighting four common mistakes that people make when buying insulation products – and how to avoid them.

1.     Not researching the types of insulation

Falling short when it comes to the type of insulation you’re looking to buy can fill you with regret further down the track. Take your time and take a look at the full range of insulation that the Melbourne-based suppliers offer. Each type of insulation brings with it its own set of perks and may suit your home more-so than others.

Glasswool, for example, is made up of recycled glass fibres and is non-combustible. This makes it a sustainable insulation option as well as highly effective at trapping heat due to the millions of tiny glass fibres. This may be a more attractive option for your home than something else like polyester insulation, for example.

2.     Picking the wrong R-Value

The R-Value is one of the most crucial elements that should be considered when purchasing insulation for your home. It’s not uncommon for people to simply buy insulation without looking at what R-Value they require and then coming up short. You should consult the chart to see what region your home is located in and then buy the corresponding R-Value or higher.

If you neglect the R-Value, then you run the risk of not meeting the minimum requirement for your zone. Not only is this deemed mandatory by the Australian Building Codes Board, but it will also make purchasing and installing insulation worthwhile as you will actually notice an effect with the appropriate R-Value.

3.     Underbuying

Buying insulation packs is a fairly simple task provided you take the time to do it properly. If you rush it or don’t know the trick to it, then you could risk underbuying and then not having enough to finish the job. Whilst you can just go and buy some more – it’s much more efficient to buy it all at once. You must measure the space between the joists in your ceiling and the space between the studs in your walls.

Remember, you’re going to want a nice, tight fit when installing insulation as the batts need to be nice and snug for them to work properly. Look at the measurements on the packets for reference (insulation batts tend to come pre-cut in either 430mm or 580mm sizes) and always buy an extra packet on top of what you think you’ll need.

If your measurements come in at over 430mm, then you should absolutely opt for the 580mm sizing. This is to simultaneously achieve that snug fit as well as give you extra insulation to chop off and put in oddly shaped areas. It’s better to overbuy and cut off pieces than it is to simply not have enough.

4.     Don’t base insulation purchasing on cost

When it comes to purchasing insulation in Melbourne, don’t skimp on the cost. Cheaper options or alternatives won’t be able to offer you the same level of thermal protection as premium insulation products will. Whilst it may seem like a large sum, it’s a fraction of the amount it’ll save you in the years to come.

As Melbourne-based insulation suppliers, we always say that the product pays for itself – and in this case, it’s true. The heating and cooling costs of an average home can be cut by around 30% when insulation is installed. But this number only rings true if it’s quality insulation that has been installed correctly.

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