5 Impressive Facts About Glasswool

As insulation suppliers in Melbourne, we understand our products inside out. One of the products that we love and value is glasswool. Glasswool insulation is one of the best products on the market and holds a myriad of special qualities that make it so efficient. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at five impressive facts about glasswool that’ll have it at the top of your list next time you’re in the market for insulation.


1.    It’s environmentally friendly

Because the primary component of glasswool insulation is recycled glass fibres it’ more environmentally friendly compared to other insulation products. The rest of the materials are predominantly taken from sand – which is a highly abundant material.

Glasswool manufacturers also take other steps to ensure that the process is as “green” as possible. This includes using recycled water and more sustainable transport solutions to keep not just the manufacturing process, but the entire process environmentally friendly. This also works to ultimately reduce your carbon footprint as a glasswool insulation user.


2.    It is highly effective at trapping heat

If insulation were to have just one job, it would be to trap heat to keep your home cool in the warmer seasons and warm in the cooler seasons. Glasswool traps heat extremely well – which is why it’s one of the most common insulation products used around the world today in both residential and commercial properties.

It’s profound ability to trap heat stems from its design and the materials used to manufacture it. For insulation to be effective it must be a poor conductor of heat. When glasswool is created, the recycled glass is melted down and sent to a spinner to create the fibres that make up the batts and rolls. As a result of the fibres, glasswool is made up of thousands of tiny air pockets that restrict airflow.


3.    It has acoustic properties

Whilst there are dedicated insulation products that concentrate on more acoustic properties than thermal – glasswool does both. Because glasswool is a great sound-absorbing material on its own, glasswool insulation naturally carries with it some highly desirable soundproofing properties.

Acoustic insulation is particularly sought-after in two-storey homes to reduce noise travelling between the two levels. High-density glasswool insulation provides even better acoustic performance in homes than regular glasswool. Coupled with their fantastic thermal properties, glasswool really is the best of both worlds.


4.    It’s non-combustible

As insulation suppliers in Melbourne, we know that non-combustible insulation is highly desirable to have in both residential and commercial properties. Fire resistance is highly sought after because, in case of a fire, the insulation will reduce the risk of harmful gasses from spreading throughout the house. This also increases the chances of the occupants getting out alive.


5.    Health benefits

On top of all these fantastic perks, glasswool insulation is also great for your health. Glasswool is not typically prone to absorbing airborne moisture and doesn’t attract any type of vermin. It also doesn’t rot. Meaning you won’t have to worry about the insulation decaying or small bugs eating away at it. What this ultimately means though, is that your home’s ecosystem will essentially be better and healthier.

This is especially the case considering that when vermin are allowed to occupy your home, it can cause havoc with your respiratory system – which can lead to greater health risks down the road. It’s also worth noting that it’s quite easily cut with a sharp knife – further adding ease to the installation process.


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Insulation is one part of your home that you definitely don’t want to cut costs on. Even without the impressive health and environmental benefits that insulation holds it would still be an unparalleled economic purchase as it does mean you’ll be paying less for heating and cooling.

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