Exploring Bradford Fireseal (and the Incredible Properties of Rockwool Insulation)

As insulation suppliers in Melbourne, we work with several different types of insulation and have covered them in our past articles in order to help you make a more informed decision when it comes time to purchase. One type we’ve never touched on, however, is Rockwool insulation. Rockwool insulation has some very specific properties and can be incredibly useful if you’re looking for a premium fire-resistant insulation solution. Keep reading to find out more about this practical insulation material and how Bradford took it a step further.

What is Rockwool?

Rockwool is a very distinct type of insulation that is created by mixing basalt — a natural volcanic rock — with blast furnace waste products. These two materials are spun into fibres that are then bonded with a thermosetting resin. The result is an ultra-dense insulation product with some unique properties. Rockwool also contains a portion of recycled materials (the waste products from the blast furnace) making it a moderately sustainable option.

The benefits of Rockwool

Rockwool boasts superior fire-resistant properties that surpass even those of glasswool insulation. This means that Rockwool products are ideal for homes located in bushfire-prone areas. On top of this, it is also mould-resistant and features great thermal and acoustic properties making it a great all-rounder.

Bradford Fireseal — premium Rockwool insulation

Bradford has developed a cutting-edge Rockwool insulation product that is the ultimate fire-resistant solution for party walls. Easily identifiable by its dark brown appearance, Fireseal is the protection you can install out of sight and leave out of mind — but will always be a crucial part of your safety. Additionally, Bradford’s non-combustible Rockwool is specifically designed to meet BCA (Building Code of Australia) fire standards.

As insulation suppliers in Melbourne, we stock Fireseal Party Wall Sealer & Fireseal Party Wall batts. These impressive products are designed to give occupants extra time to escape should a fire occur within their (or an adjoining) dwelling. It does this by maintaining appropriate structural integrity and insulation for longer during an emergency. Bradford has proposed three vital areas that Fireseal works within for reducing fire hazards:

  1. Providing early warning to occupants.
  2. Controlling the fire within a compartment.
  3. Controlling the spread of the fire between compartments via external wall openings.

Fireseal is actually manufactured to exceed the fire-resistant properties of both glasswool and regular Rockwool products — possessing formidable shrinkage resistance when facing temperatures common during fires. As the name suggests, party wall sealer & party wall batts are ideal for those living in adjoining units or townhouses as well as those situated in fire-prone environments. Fireseal products also meet BAL (Bush-fire Attack Level) requirements making them perfect for homes in such areas.

Installation is incredibly easy as the batts are easy to cut and are bio-soluble. Additionally, the high density of Bradford’s Fireseal insulation batts guarantees excellent acoustic properties as well as a snug fit between joists. Not only is Fireseal a practical insulation option, but it’s also a passive fire protection solution that can be combined with smoke alarms for the optimal emergency fire strategy.

The BCA requirements

BCA requirements necessitate that fire-rated walls in Class 1 Buildings must maintain sufficient structural adequacy, integrity and insulation in case of a fire. Bradford Fireseal Party Wall Sealer & Party Wall Batts satisfy the requirements of Clause, Volume 2 of the Building Code of Australia — which deals with fire safety for separating walls in Class 1 dwellings. 

Each party wall will have a different FRL (Fire Resistance Level). BCA Clause, Volume 2 states that a wall separating a Class 1 dwelling from another Class 1 dwelling/building or Class 10a building must have an FRL of no less than 60/60/60. Be sure to consult your builder regarding the FRL of your party wall to ensure they meet these specifications as well as AS1530.4.

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