Insulating a Metal Roof with Bradford Anticon

As insulation suppliers in Melbourne, we cannot stress the benefits of ceiling insulation enough. It’s an essential part of regulating your home’s temperature and can stop heat loss in winter and gain in summer by up to 35%. Several different materials can be used for roofing such as terracotta tiles, concrete and shingles. But another popular option is metal.

Metal roofs are highly desirable and beneficial. They’re 100% recyclable, reflect UV lighting (making them energy efficient), are very durable and are expected to last between 40–70 years when installed correctly. The thing with metal roofing though, is that they can be noisy and also suffer condensation formations quite easily.

So, what’s the solution? Specialised roof insulation products that can control condensation and further improve thermal and acoustic efficiency of course. And, if you want the best of the best roof insulation then you’re going to want Bradford Anticon — which is made specifically to be laid beneath a metal roof. Keep reading to learn the benefits of Bradford Anticon and why it is the ultimate insulation solution for metal roofs.

Bradford Anticon

Unlike ceiling insulation products, Bradford Anticon (Anticon being an abbreviation for anti-condensation) is a specially made glasswool product that is designed to meet the standards and requirements of metal roofs — regardless of what material they may be. Whilst metal roofs do offer some fantastic properties, it’s only a start. 

Anticon insulation blankets are made of two parts — the glasswool insulation part and the layer of foil that resides on one side. Anticon is laid below the roof itself — as opposed to above the ceiling between joists like ceiling insulation — and will take your metal roof to the next level by increasing its thermal and acoustic properties and prohibiting condensation from forming.

Additionally, like all Bradford products, Anticon is approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Program so you know it’s perfect for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues.

Thermal benefits

It’s no secret that heat rises, and Anticon is the best way to regulate your home’s temperature if you have a metal roof no matter the time of the year. Being that Anticon is a variety of glasswool, we can already understand the high thermal benefits as glasswool is one of the best and most effective thermal insulation products currently on the market.

The energy efficiency of Bradford Anticon can help you reduce your air conditioning bill — saving you consistently in the long-run — and keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. The other benefit of roof insulation is that because it is a separate product to ceiling insulation, you can actually install both in your home for double the thermal efficiency. 

As Melbourne-based insulation suppliers, we also stock a range of Bradford ceiling insulation products on our online store so you can pick the right product and bolster your vertical insulation today.

Acoustic benefits

One of the biggest disadvantages of metal roofing is that it can be quite loud when it rains. There’s no need to let that turn you off them, though, as Bradford Anticon is designed to provide quality acoustic performance — turning jarring and constant raindrops into soothing, background noise that can be easily relegated to the back of your mind. It will also work to dull other outside sounds such as aircraft flying overhead.

Controlling condensation

Condensation is a huge issue when you combine ceiling insulation with a metal roof. Condensation is formed when vapour passes through ceiling insulation (and plasterboard) and meets the cold surface of the metal roof. Water droplets then form on the underside of the metal roof — resulting in a wet ceiling and wet ceiling insulation.

Bradford Anticon acts as a vapour barrier — stopping the vapours from making contact with the metal roof and thus avoiding wet insulation as well as mould, rot and mildew from occurring within your home. This is where it’s important to remember to face the foil side of Anticon downwards towards your house. These side-effects can have long-lasting negative consequences to your home’s structural integrity as well as to you and your family’s health. 

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