How Acoustic Insulation Can Add Value To Your Home

As we know, insulation is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to moderating your home’s temperature, but did you know that this inadvertently adds value to your home? Whether you’re looking to sell or not, it’s nice to know that if the time comes, you’ve got something that other properties don’t.

Now, whilst this might not expressly hike the sale price up, it still adds a different kind of value that the right buyer will understand and appreciate. If you have acoustic insulation, however, then you get the bonus benefit of soundproofing as well. Let’s take a look at how this type of insulation adds value to your home.

Insulating properties

The obvious quality that adds value to your home is the fact that it’s insulated. Having insulation in your home is highly desirable from both a personal comfort standpoint as well as a profitable one. It’ll keep you cool when it’s warm outside and warm when it’s cool outside. Insulation will also drastically decrease your energy bill as you’ll be using your heating and cooling systems a lot less.

This makes it highly attractive to potential buyers as they’ll know that they’ll be spending less on energy bills in the long run. Of course, the overall effect of using less energy also has a greater impact on the environment which is another bonus quality that some people might consider. The more prominent the insulation (ceiling and underfloor) the more attractive the property will seem.

Sound-proofing properties

Soundproofing is a highly sought-after quality in a house – even if people don’t realise they need it. Soundproofing can help mitigate everyday outdoor sounds like cars driving past to loud neighbours in the evening. Of course, the benefits become even greater when acoustic insulation is placed in the internal walls and between the ceiling/floor of multi-levelled homes.

If you have a large family and they’re each doing their own thing then you can rest assured that there’ll be minimal noise transference between rooms with acoustic insulation installed. The advantage you get with acoustic insulation over dedicated sound-proofing methods is the added value of the insulating qualities.

High-density insulation

Acoustic insulation is already denser than standard insulation as is, but there are other options available. High-density acoustic insulation is even denser and therefore has a higher R-value. This is due to being tightly packed with more fibres than standard acoustic insulation which means that less sound and heat is able to travel through it. As well as this, the tightly packed fibres also mean that high-density insulation doesn’t retain any water if it gets wet – meaning its R-value cannot be compromised.


Something else to consider is the R-value of the insulation you’ve got in your home. It’s crucial that it’s adequate for the climate the house is located in. Be sure to note down somewhere the R-value that was used (or going to be used if you’re planning to retrofit) so that potential buyers can be aware of it.

Another thing to note with R-Values is that one of the highest rated acoustic insulation products currently available is only R3.1. In a Melbourne climate, most homes require either R3.5 or R4 – which means multiple layers of insulation would typically be necessary. This can be quite costly though and you’re better off opting for a higher rated thermal insulation product for your roof as ratings like R5.0 and above offer slightly higher density batts (making them better acoustically) compared to the lower thermal rated roof batts from R4.0 and below.

Looking to purchase acoustic insulation?

Here at Insulation Essentials, we understand insulation like the backs of our hands. We stock an extensive range of insulation – from acoustic to glasswool – as well as other products such as reflective foil and housewrap. With varying R-values and densities, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find the perfect type of insulation that suits you and your home’s needs.

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