Insulation Accessories: Understanding Some of the Essentials

In addition to stocking quality insulation batts, Insulation Essentials is also home to several insulation accessories that will help you achieve your goals faster and even more efficiently. Today, we’ll be highlighting some useful accessories and exploring their purpose.


We’ll start with the big one – literally. Housewrap is almost in its own category – but seeing as it’s something that can enhance the effects of insulation batts it can definitely be considered an accessory. Housewrap is a thin, synthetic material that is installed behind the siding and over the sheathing of a house and works to protect components like the wall frames from the outside elements and prevent occurrences like moisture, draughts and mould. As the name suggests – it’s wrapped around the house with generous overlaps to ensure no gaps are left. It is highly advised that you invest in housewrap if you’re looking to build a new home.

Hammer tacker and staples

If you are going to install housewrap – then you should purchase a hammer tacker and the corresponding staples. We sell 8mm staples that are perfectly suited to ensure your housewrap is installed and held in place properly for the duration of its lifetime. Think of a hammer tacker as an opened-up stapler that can approximately reach a 180° angle – making it almost completely straight and easier to use whilst installing housewrap.

Dampcourse polyethylene

Dampcourse polyethylene is a wrap that goes in between bricks to stop moisture from penetrating. To install, simply lay a piece of dampcourse between each layer of brick as you build upwards – make sure that it covers the whole stretch of bricks so it can be effective. It also works as a concealed flashing on roofs and for timber window/doorframes. We offer rolls in lengths of 300mm380mm and 450mm so you can find the best option for your home.

Foilboard accessories

If you’ve purchased Foilboard insulation products from us, then you know how effective they are. So, to make the installation experience even easier – we also stock a range of Foilboard accessories such as fasteners and floor saddles. The fasteners are available in several varieties such as standard and ultra (each suited to different types of Foilboard insulation products) and work to fasten the foil insulation onto either timber or steel frames (there are fasteners suited for each material). 

Their design is specifically made to distribute the load’s weight evenly to circumvent any damage that may be caused by high winds or other extreme weather conditions during construction. The other Foilboard accessory we stock is the Foilboard floor saddle – which allows for Foilboard GREEN 10 and 15 panels to be easily installed before timber flooring is laid down.

Optimo sub-floor accessories

If you’re thinking of investing in some Optimo underfloor insulation for your timber-floored home, then you might want to think about the accompanying Optimo sub-floor straps or saddles to make the process smoother. The sub-floor straps are designed for installation whilst retrofitting your home, and actually have two functions. If the joist spaces are standard/even, then the straps act as simple friction fits. However, for oddly sized joist spacings, they can assist in holding the insulation in place if there are obstructions in the way such as plumbing. 

Use a galvanised screw or nail to install the strap loosely and swivel it so it’s in-line with the joist. After you’ve installed your insulation – swivel the strap so that it is above the insulation on either side, push the edges up to make contact with the insulation and then tighten the screw/nail to secure it firmly in place. We recommend installing the straps every 500mm along the joists.

The Optimo sub-floor saddles make installing the underfloor insulation a breeze when working on a new build and work in the opposite way the straps do. Simply place the saddles on top of the joists – the same distance apart as the straps – and then you can snuggly fit the insulation into the joists as they rest atop the edges of the saddles on either side of the joists.

Are you looking for insulation batts and accessories in Melbourne?

Whether you’re retrofitting an older home or working on a new build – you’re going to need some quality insulation. That’s where Insulation Essentials comes into the mix. We stock a wide range of insulation batts, rolls (in varying types and R-values) and accessories. If you’re unsure of what product will best suit your home – then chat to one of our experts for some guidance. We also offer delivery and installation services, so you know your insulation is being installed properly.

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