Keeping Your Home Cool In Summer

Just like our winter, Melbourne’s summer can be a mysterious and sporadic time with all types of elements making an appearance. Characteristically, however, our spring and summer seasons can get quite hot, which is why it’s crucial you know some handy techniques on keeping your home cool. Insulation in Melbourne is not the only thing we know – so read on to learn what else you can do to keep your home cool in the summertime.

Ensuring you have effective insulation  

The most effective (both cost and thermal efficiency-wise) technique for keeping your home cool in summer is having appropriate insulation installed in your walls, ceiling and below your floor. If you’re looking to build a new home, then ensure your insulation plan includes the minimum required R-value for Melbourne’s zone and that the insulation products you’ve selected are best suited for your situation. Since each type of insulation has different properties – it pays to look into each one of them to find the right fit.

Make use of your blinds and curtains

Just like in winter, blinds and thick curtains can be used to moderate the temperature in your home. Keep your blinds or curtains over the windows that are taking the full force of the sun. This will act as a shield and mitigate the thermal energy that makes it into your home. It will also stop the cool air within your home from escaping. This works in a similar way to the insulation that’s lining your home – so, you can think of blinds and curtains almost as insulation for windows.

Consider air conditioning

Air conditioning can be a great solution to a hot home but is often quite expensive to run. That being said, it does grant people comfort and, depending on which type you opt for, can be highly desirable during the summer (and winter when you consider the heating capabilities as well). 

Ducted and split-system air conditioning is where a refrigerated pipe system runs through your home’s ceiling and out into ducts installed in various rooms. The pipe system is connected to two units – one is usually in your ceiling and the second is outdoors. These types are handy for if you want to bring the overall temperature of your home (or the rooms with ducts) down to a certain level. Split-system specifically is handy because the majority of the noise happens outside due to the separate outdoor compressor.

These are different from wall units, where each room has its own unit that blows out air set to a temperature that you’ve chosen. This is a lot cheaper and easier to install as you won’t need to install piping in your ceiling. It works better when you’re looking to cool singular rooms that are small-medium sized (larger rooms won’t cool as fast with a single unit).

Fan your way through summer

If you’re looking for a low-cost option, then a fan is right up your alley. Most fans don’t use that much power (which means you can run them as much as you want without worrying about a pricey electricity bill) and can be purchased easily. You can have a ceiling fan installed – or, just purchase a portable standing one that you can take with you wherever you are in the house. For the very hot days – consider spraying some water from a bottle to turn the fan’s wind into a mist. Alternatively, if you can position it right, place a bowl of ice right in front of the fan for a cool air conditioning effect.

Stay hydrated with some cool beverages

Whether it’s just water or something a bit more exotic – summer is the best time to enjoy a freezing cold drink that will not only feel great to hold and drink but also keep you hydrated (especially water). This is key to surviving a hot summer as you’ll be sweating a lot more than usual.

Update your lighting

If you still use incandescent lightbulbs, then you should promptly switch to LED solutions. Not only will you be saving on your energy bill but you’ll also be saving yourself a heap of extra heat from being created within your home since LED’s are much more efficient at turning energy into light (consequently creating much less heat in the process).

Are you looking for insulation in Melbourne?

If you’re building a new home that’ll be ready in time for Melbourne’s summer – then we highly recommend you consider the appropriate insulation products to guarantee a comfortable experience for you and your family. Insulation Essentials is your one-stop-shop for all your insulation products and accessories as well as quick delivery and installation services.

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